Available courses

Social Media Communications Skill Share (SMC) is a hybrid capacity building training organized by GSCC, Bankwatch and European Beyond Coal Campaign. SMC aims to address the needs of the civil society organizations in Central Eastern Europe and Balkans Region. 

 Social and digital media isn’t only a communication tool, it can affect almost every area of the non-governmental work. Today, together with the innovation and developments in media sector, social media has become a key channel for brand awareness, campaigning, engagement, lead generation, volunteer support and much more.

 This skill share aims to develop understanding and build capacity together with participants to;

·      Better understand the dynamics of the digital media,

·      Drive engagement and clicks for social media campaigns,

·      Better target audiences and enhance their copywriting skills,

·      Utilize social media advertisements more effectively.

 SMC will have 3 different modules. Online Learning Modules, Webinars and Face to Face Training. All those modules and content will be managed through the e-learning platform in learning.serioussotters.com address.  We will use Moodle infrastructure to have a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments. (Further Details: Using Moodle)

 Online Learning Modules


  • Online Learning Modules will encompass four 60 min. long sessions in zoom.us.
  • All modules will have weekly topics and those topics will be covered by the experts from non-governmental organizations.
  • All modules will end with an assignment for the participants to drive learning by doing. The assignments will be very easy and short assignment and will not consume more than 30 mins for every week.


Week 1: 17 April 2018 3:00 pm (EETZ)


Social Media Dynamics

Session Leaders: Devin Bahceci (GSCC) and Greg McNevin (EBC)


Week 2: 24 2018 3:00 pm (EETZ)

Social Media Account Management

Methodologies and tools for account management and measurement of the impact.

Session Leaders: Daniel Donner, Paul Batty (GSCC)


Week 3: 8 May 2018 3:00 pm (EETZ)

Social Media Campaigning

Principles of Social Media Campaigning

Pre-Campaign Networking and Engagement

Session Leaders: Devin Bahceci (GSCC), Guest Speaker (to be confirmed)


Week 4: 15 May 2018 3:00 pm (EETZ)

Message Shaping

Targetting and Marketting in Social Media

Session Leaders: Paul Patty (GSCC)



  • Webinars will open for all interested people from EBC network and partner organizations.
  • Webinars are complimentary elements rather than core part of the capacity development module.
  • Webinars will also be hosted in zoom.us .


 Webinar 1

Date to be confirmed with the participants (01 May Week)

Social Media Campaigning and Engagement – AVAAZ Case

Ian Keith, AVAAZ (to be confirmed)


Webinar 2

Date to be confirmed with the participants (01 May Week)

Social Media Campaigning and Engagement – Regional Case - Poland

Face to Face

  • Dates to be confirmed with participants (June 2018)
  • Face to face camp will focus building skills together on concrete case of social media campaigning.
  • The camp will be 3 days long.
  • The case and the details will be finalized at the beginning of May 2018.